The true value of NFT and its evolution trend

The value of NFT

While it remains to be discussed whether a particular collection of digital collections will eventually become a lasting cultural product or a short-lived dream of a technology group, an asset is defined as “something of value” if people are willing to buy NFTs, it is a digital asset. Just like an art collector’s decision to buy a Monet painting, or anything strange or seemingly worthless, the willingness to buy something doesn’t need to be based on any objective reality.

The evolution of NFT

With the emergence of emerging NFT standards, such as Ethereum EIP-4910, this is a compatible extension to the ERC-721 standard (the form most NFTs take). One can start making stronger claims than so far, that the smart contracts themselves are governed by NFTs.

Financial NFT

One of the latest trends in NFTs is the rise of financial NFTs, benefiting DeFi and trade finance. Due to the potential of financial NFTs, they can reshape and greatly improve the financial landscape. Financial NFT is a tokenized financial product that converts loan tokens into NFTs, offering holders a fixed interest rate over the life of the loan. Another benefit is that, as NFTs, these tokenized loans can be sold in the marketplace, allowing for easy changes to holders or changes to loans and interest, while also converting from fixed to floating rates.



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