DAR:In addition to become free, GameFi also need a more flexible growth mechanism

What is Dar and how does it work

Mines of Dalarnia (Dar) is a 2D platform mining game, founded in 2019, where players mine the land to find resources and minerals. By accumulating resources, players can upgrade their characters and equipment. If the character gets enough ore, he can build an oil refinery. Oil refineries are part of the real estate section of the game and are a way for players to exchange tokens, tools or minerals with other users. Miners and landowners work together to keep the project running.


Miners have four different types of terrain to explore, all of which contain unique resources and rare items. In addition to collecting all recyclable materials, miners have to complete in-game missions and fight various monsters. In addition, players have a time limit for each adventure, which increases the fun of the game. If it times out, the corresponding points will be reduced, which means the reward will be much smaller.


In order to become a landlord, player must gather all the necessary resources to open an oil refinery. As mentioned above, refineries are used to lease and sell land. These plots take the form of NFTs, where players can bulk buy the in-game currency Dar. Dar is the official currency of the project. Players are rewarded for completing various in-game missions to defeat monsters. Using DAR, players can buy workers and minerals in the NFT marketplace, which is available to all users. On top of that, players can buy levels in bulk from other users through the property management section of the game.

Why did Dar go up?

Dar’s most recent pull-out dates came after the land sale. Dar trumpeted the land sale last month. Due to the intense land sales in the meta space over the past few months, DAR mines and NFT have attracted many fans due to their playability and collectible character.

What is the ecological potential of Dar?

In DAR 2.0, the economic model of the project is growing well. Therefore, the “free” mode remains the larger outer ring advantage of chain play, allowing the same person to play a range of free games. Then, when the player is interested in the item, they can pay for the full experience and have a mining passport (mini passport) for a fraction of the cost. Having this passport also means that the user has NFTs in their BSC wallet.



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